[Syrphidae] Doros profuges

Colin Plant Colinwplant@compuserve.com
Tue, 6 Jun 2000 18:25:37 -0400

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Once again, this year, I have been contracted by English Nature to
investigate the ecology of Doros profuges. In 1999 we only found it at tw=
British sites - Oxenbourne Down in Hampshire and Yealand Hall Allotment i=
Lancashire. I have spent most of today on Oxenbourne digging up ant nests=

in the hope of finding pupae, but none were encountered.  Interestingly, =
could not find any Microdon either Perhaps I am doing something  wrong (a=
tips Graham?). =

The adults should be starting to emerge this coming weekend and will be o=
the wing for about ten days or so. They seem to have an extremely narrow
flight window - this could be delayed if the sun does not come out!!! =

If anyone encounters Doros in Britain in the next month  I would apprecia=
an e-mail immediately giving me a grid reference to six figures at least =
figures prefered) so I can go and investigate the same/next day.  Please
note that I have no intention of collecting  adults so you need not fear
about giving away secret localities. I will, however, want to excavate an=
nests to see if I can find larvae or pupae so the contact details of the
site owner (if known) would be helpful. =

Many thanks,


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