[Syrphidae] Syrphidae keys available at internet

Mark van Veen markvanveen@talkline.nl
Sun, 24 Dec 2000 21:11:41 +0100

I have added a number of keys to my home page at:
(no www in the address !!)

1. Platycheirus. A key is compiled from literature and from collection 
material. It contains 32 species and the northwest European species should 
all be identifyable. I also added a lot of boreal species and I hope the key is 
useful in Norway and Sweden and the Alps too.

2. Chrysogaster (including Melanogaster). A key to the northwest European 
species, including C. rondanii and C. parumplicata.

3. Spilomyia. I provide the key of Barendregt, Van Steenis and Van Steenis 
(2000) Ent. Ber. Amst. 60:41-45 for all northwest European species.

4. Eupeodes. I translated the key made by Zeegers and Van Steenis.

These keys should enable identification of all northwest European species. I 
hope the keys work well. I am very interested in comments, improvements, 
checks and additional remarks. I am also interested in (low resolution) 
pictures to add in the keys.

Marry christmas and a flyfull new year !

Mark van Veen