[Syrphidae] First International Syrphid Workshop

Mark A. Metz mmetz@life.uiuc.edu
Thu, 06 Apr 2000 08:13:52 -0500

Dear Planning Committee,
I would be very interested in coming to a Congress/Workshop devoted to
Syrphidae.  My presence (no matter the geography) would be very contingent
on funding.  Since I'm a student, I have several avenues for travel grants,
etc.  I too would appreciate keeping the cost down, but I'm aware that
sometimes money has to be spent to have a good meeting.
My suggestion for timing falls along your thinking of holidays, but you
also might want to consider the possibility of collecting trips either
shortly before or after the meetings.  This may affect the timing of the
workshop.  For most American university people, it would have to come after
May or June to not interfere with school sessions.  I would not suggest
trying to time it to Spring break as half the universities in the US are
out one week while the other half are out a different week.
I doubt I would have enough time to prepare a paper on Syrphidae since
that's, unfortunately, not the focus of my graduate work.  Regardless, I
would still like to attend.


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