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Ron Mitchell ronm at mitchellmedia.co.uk
Mon Mar 13 13:33:39 GMT 2017

Apologies for cross posting but this might be of interest to you directly or
perhaps to some of the staff whose digital capabilities and vision you are
trying to enhance! Free webinar series. 

First one on 'Online learning! What works' focusing on good pedagogical
practices so a nice tech-gentle introduction to the topic. 


Also if you remember 'Xerte Fridays' we will be continuing to promote and
support Xerte as a fantastic and international tool for sharing free and
accessible resources in a way that promotes and facilitates wider sharing
and repurposing. So although the focus of this project and these webinars is
far wider than Xerte alone we will be using Xerte regularly to share
resources and promote good practice and also signposting new Xerte
developments too!


Here's the main information:


Future Teacher 3.0

Teaching can be the best job in the world or the worst depending on the
resources available and the support you get. 


The Future Teacher project aims to help you make teaching the best job in
the world. We are setting out to inspire and support by 

providing free resources, tools and online support starting with a series of
free monthly online webinars on highly practical topics on teaching,
learning and technology. 


We'll be delighted to welcome people - whether newbies exploring
opportunities or experts willing to share experiences. 


We'll be 

*	facilitating a community of practice for teachers who want to
explore new learning opportunities for their students;
*	signposting tools and resources to help develop your own practice or
mentor those you work with.


Please register for free and join us on the first session Mar 31, 2017
1:00pm (UK time) by signing up at


Further details regarding the wider project will be added in due course and
briefly covered during the first webinar.



Ron Mitchell



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