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Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
Mon Jun 12 09:29:28 BST 2017

I don’t look after the community site, but can I just check: you are trying to create a login for the site at xxx.xerte.org.uk?

In terms of your project work, that alone will not give you access to the tools. If you don’t have your own installation of the software, learningapps.co.uk will be able to help,


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I am in need of help registering with Xerte. I have completed the registration form but failed to receive my authentication email (I have checked my junk and spam boxes and made sure my mail server isn’t automatically deleting unrecognised mail). I have tried to login in again to have this email resent, it still hasn’t come through. I then tried to register all over again but am told that my email address is already registered!

I’m on a deadline for completing my project and have already lost an entire week trying to solve this - please help! I’ve tried searching the community forum for a solution, but can find no thread about this, and as I am unable to login, I can not post on the forum directly. I did send an email to xerte-owner at lists.nottingham.ac.uk<mailto:xerte-owner at lists.nottingham.ac.uk> last week with no response so far.

Many Thanks,

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