[Xerte] SCORM problems

Oliver Haslam Oliver.Haslam at uwe.ac.uk
Tue Sep 13 12:53:09 BST 2016

I've uploaded an LO (which includes a Quiz) with SCORM tracking into Blackboard, taken the quiz as a test user, then closed the window the LO was in. But looking in Blackboard's Grade Centre it always shows that the attempt is still in progress. I'd like it to show the user's results of the quiz.

Am I doing it correctly? How do I get Blackboard to recognise that the user's attempt has been completed and to show the quiz results.

In Xerte SCORM Tracking Mode is set to 'Full tracking of last pass'. The settings I've used in BB are pictured below.
[cid:image002.jpg at 01D20DBD.C6A38170]

Help/advice needed please.


Oliver Haslam BA, MA, PGCert ODE (Open), CMALT
Learning Technologist
UWE Associate Learning & Teaching Fellow
Learning Innovation Unit<http://fetliu.net/>
Faculty of Environment & Technology
University of the West of England

0117 32 88215

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