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For a background add the optional property ‘background image’ to the LO icon, and upload a pic.

[cid:image001.jpg at 01D1545E.465DB3A0]

For randomised options, add the optional property ‘answer order’ to a question and set it to random:

[cid:image002.jpg at 01D1545E.465DB3A0]

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I am trying to understand all possibilities of XOT 3, and tried to find a manual of some kind. I come across a lot of material, but all dating back form 2011 and 2012, for older versions, which seem to have more possibilities than the latest online version.
Is there a recent manual? At the moment I am searching for ways to have a background for my project, and am wondering if the multiple choice options can be randomized.

Thanks in advance,

Elly Langewis, CPIO
eLearning, eLectures & eAssessment
Department of Biology
Utrecht University
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