[Xerte] Suggestions for useful links?

Oliver Haslam Oliver.Haslam at uwe.ac.uk
Wed Jan 20 12:40:42 GMT 2016


1 - On the login page of our install it says ‘We've produced a short introduction to the Toolkits website.’ Followed by a button which says ‘Show Me’.
What should this link to? Our previous admin replaced it with something not particularly useful and I’d like to reinstate the original link or send visitors to genuinely useful intro to XOT.

2 - When logged in, at the bottom left of the main window there is a link to ‘Learning Object Demo’ which goes to http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/toolkits/play_560 Does this show an up-to-date list of page templates available in v3? If not, can anyone suggest a different link?

3 - users can see a few links on the bottom right under ‘Other Resources’. Again, if possible I’d like to link to genuinely useful ideas, examples and information about Xerte here.  Any suggestions for what could go here would be very welcome.


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