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They’re not completely hard coded. It looks for the strings in the xwd but if it doesn’t find them then uses strings hard coded in the page model as a fall back. I guess this project must have been made before those language strings were in the xwd but I’m not sure of the best way to do this to avoid ever having fall backs in the model files.

There are probably quite a lot of pages with similar issues as if new features have been added then there are often strings associated with them. If you then add the new feature to an older page then it will always use the hard coded string. The only way around this I can think of is that where people notice this is a problem they need to create the page from scratch again.
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The feedback strings are hardcoded in the mcq.html file: must have missed those:

Two options: either use the Language Options checkbox and change the values, but you’ll have to do it each time; or if you have access to the server change mcq.html lines 108 – 123 to the strings you want.

I’ll log it as a bug and we’ll fix it at some point,


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Hi all,

Is it true that no matter what the language is set on the learning object level, feedback to MC questions will always end with an English sentence, like "Your answer was incorrect."?
Even in the example in Dutch which was given by Inge Donkervoort this is the case (see attachment).

I hope this is not true...


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