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Ron Mitchell ronm at mitchellmedia.co.uk
Thu Mar 5 08:51:06 GMT 2015

Does a normal graphics and sound page work in terms of uploading and
displaying images?
I suspect not and you really need to resolve why uploading an image via the
editor rather than media and quota isn't working. Directory permissions on
Also what browser? Does it work with a different browser?
But anyway if you believe the image is uploaded correctly via media and
quota try 
FileLocation + 'media/grootte_schakel.png'
That's what the editot would store as the path.

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A bunch of hopefully not too stupid questions.

I'm running XOT 2.1 (update) on a Debian server.
The xerte site is accessed through https.
De URL in the database table sitedetails in the MySQL database is changed to
The ownership of all the files of the xerte installation is set to the
Apache user.
The authorization to the xerte site is done through Db.

I create a new project.
I create a Tabbed Navigator object.
I add an image to this object.
If I try to upload the image I get an error : "Upload failed: IOerror"
I can upload the image through the project properties (Media and quota) e.g.
an image with the name "grootte_schakel.png"
I enter the following in the entry field of the image in the Tabbed
Navigator object
I can see a preview of this image when I press the preview button.
When I press the Play button the Tabbed Navigator object is not shown.
If I do an "Export (Get Deployment Zip)" and open this in a browser the
object is not shown either.
When I remove the image the object is shown.

Can anyone point me into the right direction to solve this problem ?

In the database table sitedetails I see a field with the name "Apache".
The contents of this field is "false".
When I change this to "true" I get an error saying "preview2.php" is not
What is the purpose of this field "Apache" ?

Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards,

     John Bijnens

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