[Xerte] Problems displaying images

John Bijnens johnbijnens1 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 22:18:43 GMT 2015

A bunch of hopefully not too stupid questions.

I'm running XOT 2.1 (update) on a Debian server.
The xerte site is accessed through https.
De URL in the database table sitedetails in the MySQL database is changed to https://...
The ownership of all the files of the xerte installation is set to the Apache user.
The authorization to the xerte site is done through Db.

I create a new project.
I create a Tabbed Navigator object.
I add an image to this object.
If I try to upload the image I get an error : "Upload failed: IOerror"
I can upload the image through the project properties (Media and quota) e.g. an image with the name "grootte_schakel.png"
I enter the following in the entry field of the image in the Tabbed Navigator object
I can see a preview of this image when I press the preview button.
When I press the Play button the Tabbed Navigator object is not shown.
If I do an "Export (Get Deployment Zip)" and open this in a browser the object is not shown either.
When I remove the image the object is shown.

Can anyone point me into the right direction to solve this problem ?

In the database table sitedetails I see a field with the name "Apache".
The contents of this field is "false".
When I change this to "true" I get an error saying "preview2.php" is not available.
What is the purpose of this field "Apache" ?

Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards,

     John Bijnens

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