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Hi David

We wouldn't recommend using the Flash Paper page any more. You can include files by following these steps:

1.       Select your project in the Workspace and click Properties.
The project properties window will open.

2.       Select the Media & Quota tab.

3.       Upload the file you want to use in your project (Click browse, select your file and then click Import).
Your file will appear in a list which will also include all other files you have uploaded to your project (images etc.)

4.       Select the file from the list to see a URL to the file (it will be something along these lines http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/toolkits/USER-FILES/100-Nottingham/media/myFile.pdf)

5.       Select and copy this link

6.       Close the properties panel and edit your project

You then have a couple of choices about how to show this in your project:

Embed the file on a page:

1.       Insert an Embed Content page (insert > Navigators > Embed Content)

2.       Paste your link into the Embed Code or URL field

Insert as link:
Use the following code in a text field on any page to create a link that will open your file in a new window:
<a href="PASTE_URL_HERE" target="_blank">Link Text Here</a>

I hope this helps

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Hi All,

I've been trying to add a document to a new LO; which having read up on appears to require that I use Flash Paper format. However, when trying to do this nothing uploads. Can anyone advise of a different format or if there is a specific format that I need to save my document as before uploading?

I am not an IT technician but try to use Xerte in creating staff development tools. For this reason please respond in very simple terms? Thank you.

David Price
Learning Support Group Lead (Learning & Teaching)
The Cornwall College Group
É:  07500799763  |  >:  learning.support at cornwall.ac.uk<mailto:learning.support at cornwall.ac.uk>

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