[Xerte] Xerte Online Toolkits v3.0

Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
Wed Jul 29 15:51:10 BST 2015


It gives me great pleasure to announce, on behalf of the fantastic people that are the Xerte project's community of developers, that the next version of the software, Xerte Online Toolkits v3.0, will be available for download from tomorrow from the Xerte Community website.

This is a significant release in several ways: it is our first release as an Apereo Community project and marks our graduation from the incubation process, and it is also our first release as an affiliate member of the Open Source Initiative - we are very proud to of both of these achievements, which clearly establish  The Xerte Project as both a sustainable and robust project. The Apereo community provides exciting opportunities for the project to grow and develop in the future.

This release also ends our previous dependence on the flash player and introduces a very powerful new editor for authoring projects. Xerte Online Toolkits 3.0 also comes with a number of new templates, a new look and feel, a much improved interface and a wealth of smaller fixes an enhancements. For an overview of the new features, see the release notes at http://goo.gl/KjJdOk.

My thanks go to everyone who has contributed to this release - it's a brilliant effort, and a massive step forward.

Best wishes,


[with apologies for any cross posting]

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