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"Thomas R. Müller" taxlawinfo at gmx.net
Mon Sep 22 18:16:55 BST 2014

Dear Julian,

as an avid lurker of the list, I wonder whether this may mean that - 
sooner or later -  it would no longer be open source?

Hope I'm wrong.


Thomas Mueller
Authorware veteran
Am 22.09.2014 um 15:03 schrieb Julian Tenney:
> Dear All,
> I am really excited to be able to announce that The Xerte Project has 
> been accepted as an incubating project at The Apereo Foundation 
> (https://www.apereo.org/). This is a fantastic opportunity for the 
> project – as you know, The University of Nottingham has led the 
> developments over the years. Over the last few years, with increasing 
> contributions from a growing community of developers it is fair to say 
> that Nottingham's contribution is now a much smaller percentage of the 
> total than it once was. This reflects the growing volume of work, 
> rather than a dwindling commitment on our part, and we remain 
> dedicated to the project as an important platform for innovation, and 
> for the creation and delivery of high quality content to learners here 
> at the University.
> As the project has grown, we have turned to questions around its 
> sustainability. We have spent a lot of time over the last eighteen 
> months or so exploring various options: we know that sustainability is 
> a key issue for those looking to adopt the technology in other 
> organisations and we understand that the current situation raises some 
> questions for potential adopters: there is a sense that the project 
> has a single point of failure. As priorities have changed here at the 
> University, and the shape of my team has changed over the years, we do 
> have fewer resources to put into the project than we used to have. We 
> also appreciate that the current situation makes it hard for the 
> project to achieve its full potential. As the only open source tool in 
> its class it really deserves to increase its reach into new sectors 
> and to find ways to generate and use revenue. Also, as the developer 
> community has grown, it is increasingly important to ensure that the 
> project continues to develop within a rigorous framework.
> Over the last 18 months we have carefully explored all the options 
> available to us, and we have chosen Apereo for its solid presence in 
> educational technology and its excellent cultural fit with The Xerte 
> Project. I’m really excited about this opportunity, and I’m really 
> looking forward to working with Apereo through the incubation process.
> My thanks go to all our users, contributors and developers, without 
> whom the project could not have reached this significant milestone.
> Julian
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