[Xerte] Scalability of Xerte

JUROWSKA J.E. j.e.jurowska at durham.ac.uk
Mon Sep 8 09:58:47 BST 2014

We are investigating Xerte as a possible replacement for Wimba create. The question I have been asked to investigate is how much resource is needed if this was adopted university wide.  At current we have a local install of the system allocated 4GB of space.
I suspect that the amount of space required would be dependent on the size of any resources created which could be considerable.
If Xerte is widely adopted across your campus, please can you say roughly how much space is being used so we have at least a ballpark figure to consider in our calculations.
Best wishes

Judith E Jurowska CMALT FHEA
Faculty Support Learning Technologist for Arts and Humanities
Durham University
Computing and Information Services
Rowan Building
Upper Mountjoy
Tel : 0191 33 42699

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