[Xerte] Table formatting

Fred Riley Fred.Riley at bcu.ac.uk
Wed Sep 3 19:25:46 BST 2014

I've got a strong feeling that I know the answer to this question, but I thought I'd ask just in case. Is there a way in Xerte of presenting formatted <div> or <table> elements in a page?

I know that there is a Charts | Table page type, and you can specify alternately coloured rows. What I'm looking for is to be able to specify the exact RGB for a row background, eg:

<td width="20%" style="background-color: #BFBFBF;"><b>Element</b></td>
<td width="80%" style="background-color: #BFBFBF;"><b>Present how and when</b></td>
<!-- various other rows -->

There is a particular reason for this, in that the colours come from a 'fire triangle' diagram (such as http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/20/Fire_triangle.svg/1175px-Fire_triangle.svg.png) so text references to heat/fuel/oxygen need to be in consistent colours.

I know that there's a limited subset of HTML tags usable in a Xerte page, which doesn't include <table> or <div>. I suspect that I'd need to draw the table in a graphics editor and import it, but a minor disadvantage of that is that any future edits would require access to the image source file and expertise in a bitmap/vector editor.

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