[Xerte] Grades via LTI?

Smith, Bradley brsmith at akamai.com
Sat Nov 29 13:33:45 GMT 2014

I found it pleasantly simple to get my Xerte content embedded into Moodle using LTI. It seems to me that this would be preferable to uploading a SCORM zip, since now all I'd need to do to push out a revision to an LO would be to click Publish instead of having to export it from Xerte and then re-upload it to the Moodle.

However, I'm wondering about reporting grades from Xerte to Moodle. When I add an LO from Xerte, Moodle adds it to the course grade book, suggesting that it should be gradable, and I've seen some talk online (mostly about other LTI tools) that suggests it's possible to report grades this way, but nothing that explains what I need to do.

Any help?
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