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Pat L (pgogy - xerte) xerte at pgogywebstuff.com
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I think BB tends to run on java? So might not have scope for php (assuming you self host your bb)

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</div>As Pat said, there is LTI in Xerte, but no Bb building block (no reason why someone shouldn’t make one though)
Do you really need it? It’s easy to link to Xerte resources on their URLs from any LMS I think. We have LTI for Moodle, but because Moodle’s LTI implementation is so ugly, we find it much better to just copy and paste the URLs and link to them.
Xerte doesn’t need to be on the Bb server, but could be I suppose, if you had to. Probably better to just give it its own VM somewhere.
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Hi All,
Has anyone successfully installed Xerte to Bb Learn 9 or know where I can find information and download a building block?
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