[Xerte] New user account creation using "Db" configuration in server installation

Maurizio Bricola mbricola at iicd.org
Mon May 19 11:23:38 BST 2014

Dear All, sorry for the stupid question :)

We are running a server install at cdn4.iid.org/xerte (now we have reverted
back to "Guest")
When changing the auth_config.php file like below

//$xerte_toolkits_site->authentication_method = 'Guest';
//$xerte_toolkits_site->authentication_method = 'Ldap';
$xerte_toolkits_site->authentication_method = 'Db';
//$xerte_toolkits_site->authentication_method = 'Static';
//$xerte_toolkits_site->authentication_method = "Moodle";

and then going in the management.php we cannot see any option/button/link
to add new users. Do we have to add the users directly into the MySQL DB?


With Kind Regards,
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