[Xerte] Bootstrap template and export

Fred Riley Fred.Riley at bcu.ac.uk
Fri May 16 16:14:56 BST 2014

I suspect that this is a FAQ. I've just noticed (belatedly) that LOs from the Bootstrap template can't be exported, because there's no Export option in Properties. Searching the list archives, I found a thread at:


on this very topic, in which Pat detailed a rather (but necessarily) faffy workaround. Is it still the case that BS LOs can't be exported, and if so is this something that the development community is looking at for future versions? What technical problems stand in the way of export? I understand that import of a BS LO wouldn't work as import requires a file in XOT format.

I ask for two reasons:

1. Enabling zipfile export is very handy to transfer/copy LOs from one server to another, particularly if you want to share with another institution that might need to tweak the LO to local circumstances (changing logo, footer etc), as well as for backup.
2. A big selling point of Xerte is that there's no proprietary lockin of content.


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