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Ron Mitchell ronm at mitchellmedia.co.uk
Tue Mar 25 11:53:56 GMT 2014

If when you view the properties of an LO in xerte your links and embed code
show http://xerte.oldham.ac.uk and when you are inside college links similar
to http://xerte.oldham.ac.uk/play.php?template_id=10 play correctly then
that's how it should be. However your xerte installation doesn't appear to
be available publically? So you would either need to get that changed or
export your LO's and import into Moodle so that viewing them doesn't require
public access to the xerte install.




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I have only just recently found out that learners cannot access the Xerte
XOT learning objects when logging into Moodle from home. I have the settings
set to public and have added the weblink in the appropriate place on Moodle
but as soon as the link is clicked on by the user, the path changes to
Xerte.oldham.ac.uk instead of Moodle.oldham.ac.uk. Is there a further
setting I need to change as this course is about to go completely online and
is obviously no use if not accessible? (I have just tried embedding the
iFrame code but noticed the same path - Xerte.so am doubtful that will work

Any hints please?






Kind Regards,
Julie Harding 
Resource Based Learning Manager

Rochdale Road, Oldham OL9 6AA
Direct: 0161 785 4106
Email:julie.harding at oldham.ac.uk


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