[Xerte] bullet list issues

István Pető ipeto77 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 17 11:16:56 GMT 2014


I found several issues related to bullet lists in HTML5 version of Xerte
- When I simply mark a paragraph as bullet list with right click in XOT,
Xerte doesn't create the proper HTML code, <ul> tag is missing which causes
incorrect visualisation in Firefox (it's already mentioned here:
http://lists.nottingham.ac.uk/pipermail/xerte-dev/2013-May/004947.html) I
can add <ul></ul> tags in XOT manually, but it's not a very convenient way
of editing.
As far as I see, in bullets model it works great, <ul> tags are added

- I can't create bullet list in navigators (like accordion or tabbed
navigation) because < and > characters in <li> tags are transcoded to <
and >

- There was a very handy way of creating bullet list in the previous, flash
version of Xerte LO's: I don't need to select paragraphs and add bullets
one by one, I can select and convert the whole text instead. In the flash
LO's every paragraph got its own bullet. But in HTML5 version only the
first paragraph became bulleted so I have to convert them separately.

Any suggestion on these problems would be appreciated!

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