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Dave Burnett d_b_burnett at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 4 15:24:29 GMT 2014

Thanks, that made me Gestalt it.The stupid program is doing what it's being told.The interface is setting up at 975,731But the content has been sized and positioned so that it does not actually fit in that.But you don't see that until you publish.
Thanks Jules

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I just made a simple example, and it works: try the same and then switch the files around?  From: xerte-bounces at lists.nottingham.ac.uk [mailto:xerte-bounces at lists.nottingham.ac.uk] On Behalf Of Dave Burnett
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Subject: [Xerte] Xerte Desktop: Flash object size We've traced the root of the issue with the flash object being slightly cutoff bottom&right when web deployed. The publish size is  975,731That is a standard 1.33333 ratio (same as 640,480 etc).But it doesn't like it when published.If we use 1024,768 the complete interface appears, but of course now has white padding on 2 sides. Could this be something in the Flash plugin? The HTML? Cheers,Dave
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