[Xerte] Re: Compressed (zip) folder is invalid and LDAP errors.

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Ok so the problem with export isn't the IE issue which was only a slight possibility anyway. I doubt the export and ldap issues are related so we need to deal with these separately and if your reason for exporting is to migrate those projects to the new install that might not be your best method anyway if there are a lot of projects. You could try the following if your new server has only been used for testing so far and not real projects.


1. Copy the database and directory from the old server to the new server either in a new location or completely replacing your current test.

2. Change the db connection details in database.php if necessary and the site_url, root_file_path and import_path values in site_details to reflect the new server.

3. You should now have a working mirror copy of your current 2.0 install. If everything works including LDAP you can proceed with upgrading. If LDAP still doesn't work then it's probably a server configuration issue rather than xerte specific. You could try guest authentication to make sure everything else is working.

4. Follow the instructions for upgrading in the documentation folder and given that this started with an early version probably best to follow the clean upgrade instructions.

5. If all now works you might need to repeat the process by first scheduling to stop anyone making changes to your current 2.0 on the old server and then copying everything again or stop access/changes first.


If your goal is to move to a new server and upgrade to the latest version to my mind this (copying and upgrading) is a better route than looking to export and import projects especially if there are a lot of them and I have done this many times without problem or at least if there are problems it's more often due to server differences rather than xerte specific. This wouldn't explain or resolve why export isn't working on your 2.0 install or LDAP isn't working on your new server but it might help identify if the problems lay with Xerte and Xerte versions or the differences between the servers.


Hope that makes sense. 



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Thanks for the reply Ron, we have tried a variety of users and browsers (FF, Chrome and IE), successfully published projects and 1 page tests all with the same result. Curiously our security on email detects an exe file in the broken zip and will not let us send it, but will let us send the non-broken zips I have made from the new build 2.1 server.


The old current server started out quite a few versions back and has been upgraded to 2.0 with changes to the LDAP settings made along the way as our LDAP server moved. The 2.1 build is on a new VM server constructed purely for xerte which makes me think we missed something key in the set-up for LDAP to fall so flat. I did increase the php memory settings as they seemed low on the new install, and as I say the zip export works on 2.1.


Thoughts on upgrading 2.0 to 2.1 to see if it fixes the zip? Do not want to risk breaking the LDAP on current live system.


Tom Reijnders has had a couple of goes with LDAP fixes in 2.1 - both interesting, but neither quite my problem, hence why I thought I'd skip that completely as there is still the 'how do we transfer xerte files between servers' question.

http://www.xerte.org.uk/index.php?option=com_kunena <http://www.xerte.org.uk/index.php?option=com_kunena&view=topic&catid=2&id=292&Itemid=759&lang=en> &view=topic&catid=2&id=292&Itemid=759&lang=en


On 28 July 2014 14:51, Ron Mitchell <ronm at mitchellmedia.co.uk> wrote:

Re the zip export from 2.0 are you using IE by any chance? Can you try a different browser? Also make sure projects are published before exporting and test with a small project to eliminate size issues.


>From memory there were some issues for some (minority) users using IE but not a conclusive cause/solution and those same users were able to export ok using Chrome or Firefox.



Did you install from scratch or an upgrade? If the latter did you run upgrade.php? It's always difficult to troubleshoot this kind of issue because configurations vary but as far as I'm aware 2.1 should work fine with LDAP once the settings are correct but it may depend on exactly which revision.



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Subject: [Xerte] Compressed (zip) folder is invalid and LDAP errors.


Hello List,

Our users are able to export from version 2.0 as far as a zip file is created, but on trying to open the zip file are told it is invalid and it can neither be opened nor imported. Any idea why? 


We need to transfer to a new server soon which has 2.1 installed. Guest access and zip export works fine on the new server, but cannot get LDAP to work despite using the same settings as our 2.0 server. There seem to be few problems with LDAP on 2.1 noted elsewhere, but from debug logs we simply get the following repeated, so some key process is not taking place?

2014-07-18 12:04:48 /var/www/xertetoolkits/website_code/php/database_library.php139Running : SELECT * FROM xertesitedetails


As LDAP login does not work, had hoped to simply set the few users up via the database authentication method and have them import their files -hence our discovery of the zip problem.


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