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Douglas Brown dbrown61 at une.edu.au
Mon Jul 7 00:41:51 BST 2014

While I have been impressed with Xerte’s functionalities, I find this one small aspect a bit distracting… see the Screen Capture of what I see.


I just imagine the Learner feeling a bit anxious about the fact that once the Video closes you can’t simply click and drag it open. And there is whole pile of white space where the Video could sit.

I’m running a Mac.

Something to fix in the next version, eh?


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Subject: [Xerte] Creating Animation

I’m just wondering what approaches people use for this sort of thing: we have a lecturer who wants to create animation simply. He’s currently using powerpoint to create this sort of thing: http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/toolkits/play_10711

I think the results are really good, and it’s taken some time to get right. I’m interested in optimising the approach a bit, to make it fast and efficient: maybe this is the best way of doing it, maybe there are others?

What I’m interested in is what approaches / tools do people use for this sort of thing? It doesn’t have to be high end output: it could be a mixture of screen capture, whilst dragging things around and narrating the process for example. We’re not looking to turn staff into Flash developers, it’s more about simple approaches that are easy and quick to do.




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