[Xerte] Preview and Publish error message

Adam Bailey A.R.G.Bailey at brighton.ac.uk
Fri Jan 24 14:01:34 GMT 2014

One of my students is presently creating a LO for her assessment (submission deadline Tues 28th Jan) and when clicking on Preview, Play or the URL for the LO to view it gets the error message attached, that reads ERROR: The RLO file modules/xerte/pa
Has anyone come across this error before or know what might be causing the issue?
The student has gifted the LO to me to see and I get the same error message when trying to view it.
LO's I've created under my account and other students are creating aren't affected.
They have also tried re-writing the LO and now has the same error, so wondering if this is related to inserts used?


Learning Technologies Adviser
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