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Wed Jan 22 20:54:00 GMT 2014

Now testing the new XOT 2.1 locally here and revisiting this Powerpoint
wishlist item from last year. Alastair had suggested these two methods. just
wondering if there is anything new in this area re XOT 2.1 or does anyone
know if these options are still the best?
I can think of two options that would work in Xerte Toolkits:
1) Use the free version of Print2Flash to convert the PowerPoint to Flash
paper format then add through the Flash paper page type:
[cid:image001.jpg at 01CD1EF0.7C4F0470
<http://lists.nottingham.ac.uk/mailman/listinfo/xerte> ]
2) Use the Navigator page to hyperlink to the full PowerPoint:
[cid:image002.png at 01CD1EF0.7C4F0470
<http://lists.nottingham.ac.uk/mailman/listinfo/xerte> ]
Gernerally I'd keep PowerPoints as PowerPoints and use Xerte when I wanted
to add extra benefits for students - like interactivities or questions.


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