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Tomasz Seliga seliga at ai.com.pl
Tue Jan 14 09:46:08 GMT 2014

Thank you for your answer.
However it doesn't work as it should.
The screen of the browser is bigger indeed, but flash content is still 
cut off.

[Xerte] Re: Change resolution

Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
Fri Jan 10 09:10:43 GMT 2014
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You can do it by controlling the content window through window.open in 
javascript. So create links to your LOs, then use window.open to open 
the new window at the correct size in the web page hosting the links,

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Hi there.
I'm a user of Xerte and it's very useful software to create courses. I'm 
preparing the course with flash content in 1280 x 800 px.
But Xerte Online Toolkits in fact is better to manage and it has few 
more advantages.
Therefore I would like to ask you is it possible to increase resolution 
from default 800x600 px to 1280x800 px?
Now, when I'm trying to add my flash files to my cours by XOT, they are 
cut off.
I had tried to change some variables in php files on my server in XOT 
installation, but without effects so I'm curious is it possible at all?
Has you tried to change resolution of your course prepared by XOT?

Best regards,
Thomas Seliga

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