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This is probably better for the developer list.

Anyhow, on line 1007 (of the latest version) of template_management.js, 
you see the expression that is used to get the tempate_id to be deleted.



1. drag_manager.selected_items[x].id contains a string that determines 
whther this item to be deleted is a folder or an LO. In this case it is 
expected to be an LO and conatins something like 'file_43' for templateId 43
2. To get the 43 out of the string, the text from '_' to the end of the 
string is taken:
3. Then that string is passed to the delete_tempate function (in this 
case 43)

So perhaps, you should put your logic in the delete_template function...

Or even better, in the php function : 
website_code/php/templates/delete_template.php because that's the 
function that does all the work (it's called from delete_template by 
using AJAX).



KnowledgeWare schreef op 28-12-2013 0:40:
> I'm in toolkits V1.7 (trying to move to 2 -- this is part of the 
> process) in websitecode/scripts/template_management.js down around 
> line 1030. This is the section where courses are deleted. Since my 
> customizations use a SQL Server dbase to also store info on the 
> courses, I want run a script to make sure that the course(s) to be 
> deleted are not assigned to students.
> First I need to get the 'templateID' of the course, but not sure how 
> to do that, I'm not good with js. Does anyone know if I can pull the 
> 'templateID' of the course(s) that have been clicked in the workspace 
> delete window at this point? I'm wondering if the document object 
> contains the templateID(s) at this point and if so what syntax I'd use 
> to get them.
> Next, any suggestion on what is socially acceptable to js in terms of 
> running a query on my SQL Server database to see if students are 
> currently assigned?
> Thanks for any suggestions
> RonM2
> //RGM if workspace folder selected and delete clicked:
> if(document.getElementById("folder_workspace").mainhighlight){
> alert("You cannot delete the Workspace folder");
> }
> }else{
> //RGM if more than one workspace course is selected and delete clicked:
> if(drag_manager.selected_items.length!=1){
> var response = confirm("Are you sure you with to delete these items?");
> }else{
> //RGM if a single workspace course is selected and delete clicked:
> var response = confirm("Are you sure you with to delete this item?");
> }
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