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Yes, it does set it there, but it's like something is preventing the RLO
from opening to that size, cutting off the right side and bottom. Not sure
what could be doing that.


<div style="min-height:100%; width:100%; height:100%;">

<script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript">

myRLO = new rloObject('975','731','ron_acoustic.rlo');



<div id="popup_parent"/>


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Set the size of the object in the html. It should do that when you publish


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Nearly complete my first major desktop app but it's resisting being
released, fighting like a cornered chinchilla.


In the LO icon properties I have stageSize set to 975,731. This works when
it is 'previewed' but not when I put the files on a webserver and run them.
In this case the lower navigation buttons are cut off, the screen is not
deep or wide enough. The page loading the LO is set in size with js, the
page setting seems fine, but the xerte file itself is too small and somehow
being cut off. Is there another setting other than the LO 'stateSize' I need
to set?


Possibly related - where do the files go when you select 'File' 'Publish' on
the desktop version? In the help file it appears to be Documents and
Settings, but on windows 7 that's locked, and searching doesn't turn up any
published files (like rloObject.htm). The 'Publish' setting in my C:\Program
Files\Xerte directory doesn't change. The RLO itself is sitting on a network
drive, not on the local machine.


Is the screen size screwed up because I may be missing the publish files?


Thanks for any suggestions!



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