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Yes, of course Dave, thanks again, that's all it needed. Your capacity for
detail recall is legendary.


Can you refresh me.I suspect I'm battling digital
dementia.how/what/where/when/who/why does the resources.swf get compiled.and
if I need extra stuff in there (fonts, water bottle, etc.) do I just open it
up with Flash and somehow embed it?


At this point, happy to say, the app is close to done except for a bit of
media (which will never be finished). I'll put it up for testing soon, sorry
to kiss the desktop version goodbye I really like it. 





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Is resources.swf in the right place?

We probably used a script font for the name variable to match the cert

If you set embed to 1 but the resources swf with the compiled font library
is not available it shows...... nothing.

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