[Xerte] Re: Changing from guest to DB access on a server install

Niall Watts niall.watts at ucd.ie
Fri Feb 21 15:02:20 GMT 2014

Thanks for the advice, folks


Seems to be working ok now in Chrome.

I was a little confused by the fact that the admin and user interfaces are
now the same (ok with the exception of a small piece of text over the login)


The admin can also be a content creator.

Is it better practice to have a completely separate user ID and password for
admin and content creation?


As a matter of interest, which table are the user names and passwords in -
may need for the future





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The management.php password is set in the database site details table -
hopefully you set it when installing?



If you can't access management.php in one browser then try in another as
sometimes this helps.

Ok in Chrome. Problem in Firefox - could it just have been reading from


If not you'll need to access the database directly to add it



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