[Xerte] Changing from guest to DB access on a server install

Niall Watts niall.watts at ucd.ie
Fri Feb 21 12:45:33 GMT 2014


I have installed Xerte online toolkits on a web server


I want to change from guest to DB access. 

My intention would be to manually add users to the MySQL database


I have modified auth_config.php (I think this is what I should do)


//$xerte_toolkits_site->authentication_method = 'Guest';

//$xerte_toolkits_site->authentication_method = 'Ldap';

$xerte_toolkits_site->authentication_method = 'Db';


I am now locked out of management.php. So cannot add users to database or
indeed do  anything


Meanwhile I have password-protected the folder to stop unauthorised access


Any suggestions as to what to do next






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