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Dear Mohamed,

Congratulations – it looks really good. I really like the colour coding you’ve used for different resources and your live chat.

We’ve done something very similar at Kingston – here are the Xerte ‘rules’ we tend to stick by.

1.     We don’t want really long Xertes with lots of pages but, we also try and organise the content so that it displays within the initial window and doesn’t require any scrolling down.

2.     We try to make our Xertes as interactive and as least text-heavy as possible. In our referencing Xerte we have inserted podcast videos explaining how to write full references and exercises where the students then have to put the different parts of references in the correct order. There are also some spot the mistake exercises.

We offer two resources to support referencing. We’ve labelled our Xerte guide as ‘An introduction to referencing’ that will help students get started. It covers books, magazines and websites. We then have a Word document with bookmark links that goes more in-depth and offers advice on referencing a whole range of materials, similar to you.

I hope that is useful!

Kind regards,


Rachel Chavez
Resources Advisor
Kingston College

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Hello all,
I’m teaching myself how to use the Xerte tool to create online library tutorials on Referencing for our Library users (FE students).  I created a learning object having worked through a Xerte how-to tutorial, This tutorial has been developed to support students and teachers. Your comments and suggestions are very important to me in order to improve what I have done so far. Please click on this link http://vle.jisctechdis.ac.uk/sandpit/play.php?template_id=1364 to navigate through the pages.

With Kind Regards,
[cid:image001.jpg at 01CF20E5.A3E92940]<http://www.westking.ac.uk/>

Mohamed Abdul karim
Learning Centre Facilitator
Learner Experience Team

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