[Xerte] Prototype for new Media Lesson template - feedback and ideas needed!

Fay Cross Fay.Cross at nottingham.ac.uk
Fri Aug 29 13:53:35 BST 2014

I've been working on a new template that Julian has previously mentioned here. The idea behind it was to allow the creation of projects where content appears synched with a piece of media and for it to be far more customisable (different types of content to appear/layout of the page) than the current synched video and audio slideshow pages.

There are two examples below for you to try:

http://ltdev.nottingham.ac.uk/FC/index.html - synched to a variety of content types (text, jmol, slideshow, flickr etc.)
http://ltdev.nottingham.ac.uk/FC/index_map.html - synched to d3 map data (not working on iPad yet)

It's kind of a mishmash of a few ideas for it so obviously isn't finished. Some of the things I know I still need to do:

*         XWD side of things hasn't been looked at yet so all the content's fixed. I would have thought you would add a number of content panels to the page and then select the type of content to appear on the panel and set it's synch point. There would be the option to pause at synch points so students can explore the content in the panels before continuing.

*         Design - It's currently based on the appearance of the normal template but is this the way to go? I need to look at the flow of it on different window sizes/devices

*         I quite like having the option to have some fixed text (introduction) for the page but I'm not sure it's done in the best way in the examples above.

*         Synch to videos from YouTube etc. as well as those you upload to the project yourself.

*         Synch to audio file instead of video too.

Any feedback?

What options for content to add to the panels would you like to see?
So far I was thinking of text/highlighted transcript/subtitles, slideshow, jmol, xot project, mcq/buttons, graphs/chart/maps. There are a few Popcorn.js plugins already for things like Wikipedia, Flickr, RSS feeds etc. and I've made a few new ones which are in the examples above.

We thought it would, at least initially, be a standalone template - not a page in the main xot template. Thoughts on this? I'll add a way to strip the header/borders off it so it could be cleanly embedded in a regular xot project.


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