[Xerte] Audio play and upload problems

Smith, Bradley brsmith at akamai.com
Tue Aug 26 23:22:33 BST 2014


I’m using Xerte 2.1 (git git-100-g1c55bea), and am having two audio-related problems:

First, one of my users created a narrated page with auto-play on. In Chrome or Firefox it works fine, but in Safari it doesn’t play, automatically or otherwise. The player shows the correct length of the audio, and switches between play and pause without showing any errors in the javascript console, but no sound is actually made. 

The second problem arose when I tried to reproduce the issue. I created a new XOT, created a page, and added narration, but when the upload completes, I get an “Upload failed: Check permissions” error. However, I can’t find any evidence as to why a failure is occurring:
- Uploading images works fine
- The web server has write permission to everything (as evidenced by images uploading without error)
- There is nothing in xerte/error_log
- There is nothing relevant in Apache’s error log

If anyone can help me solve either of these problems I would appreciate the advice. 

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