[Xerte] Re: Problems embedding YouTube

Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
Mon Oct 14 09:23:29 BST 2013

Swap the http for https in the embed code.

Otherwise use the new window page to link to the video directly?

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Hi all,

I've noticed that YouTube videos that I've got embedded in Xerte objects are no longer working, nor can I get the embed code to display in any new Xerte objects that I am creating (had previous problems with lack of http: in the embed code but that isn't the sole issue anymore). Any ideas on this?

Help gratefully received as I'm about to set 100 students off on making their own Xerte objects and I'm guessing that the YouTube option might be quite popular...!

    Dr Jamie Wood
    Lecturer in History,
    School of Humanities,
    University of Lincoln

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