[Xerte] Interface inconsistency

Jacques Bijvoet j.bijvoet at xs4all.nl
Mon Oct 7 17:16:08 BST 2013



As a newbe on XOT I am facing a problem with project import and export. On
creating a new project in XOT  a wonderful preview layout is presented with
a black window border (standard layout?). On exporting this project and
importing it into an other XOT installation the preview layout is changed to
one much less appealing with blue borders and additional setting options for
color, font etc. Moreover the subscript texts that were introduced into
several texts in the initial project are missing. The index html file in the
export does show the desired black bordered layout and subscripts however.
Also the SCORM output looks the same after uploading to a LMS (itslearning).


Is there a method to prevent these preview differences in XOT on
export/import actions? What am I missing?

I am using XAMP and the xerte toolkits_2.0 installation on Windows 7
32 bit in combination with IE 10 or Firefox 24.0


Any help is appreciated.



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