[Xerte] Re: xot mobile version problem with templates and importing objects from a different xot

Tom Reijnders reijnders at tor.nl
Tue Nov 26 23:51:03 GMT 2013

Look in the USER-FILES folder. Each LO is listed there. You can find the 
correct folder by checking the id number or look at the media and quota 
tab in properties.

Check whther there is an empty perview.xml file in the imported LO. If 
there is, copy the data.xml over the preview.xml. Can you preview the LO 


P.S. This bug has been fixed in 2.1

Nagus, Ruth schreef op 26-11-2013 12:56:
> Hi everyone
> I hope you can help. I have recently created the maxos "memory stick" 
> version of xot and it appear to be working fine on my windows 7 desktop.
> I have been sent a learning object by Karl Drinkwater and I have been 
> trying to import that object into my mobile xot.
> I have successfully imported the object but when I click preview or 
> edit, the pane opens but is blank.
> I am assuming that maybe I do not have the appropriate template in my 
> version of xot?
> Karl has sent a file called "page templates.xtp" separately from the 
> zip of the learning object.
> Is the (lack of) template the cause and if so how do I upload the 
> template file into my "memory stick" version of xot?
> I have worked out that I need to go to the management area of xot and 
> have found my way to http://localhost/toolkits/management.php
> I have found my way to where it says
> *****************************************************
> To add a template to your xot installation, please upload the template 
> using ftp and press the button below to update
> ****************************************************
> There doesn't seem to be any instructions relating to the "stick" 
> version. Presumably all I need to do is put the file somewhere on the 
> stick? I have no idea where the instructions above are suggesting the 
> file be "ftp-ed" to.
> I have searched the memory stick for other files with the extension 
> .xtp but without success.
> Can anyone suggest what I am doing wrong.
> Thank you for any help anyone can provide.
> Regards
> Ruth
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