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Thanks Jonathan! Let me digest this.



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It is my understanding that desktop Xerte is now deprecated and no further
development is taking place.

"is there any reason I could not 'deeplink' into it - send the user a URL
link that would take them to a specific page?"

I posted a proof of concept demonstration, that used desktop Xerte and
allowed you to include a pageID in the url so that the project would open at
the page specified, to the developer forum I think sometime around april
2012. If I recall correctly the title of the posting included the words
"proof of concept". A url could end with ?pageID=bullet and when the project
opened in the browser the project opened at the page with a pageID of

One problem I hit was that when working with .rlo projects the list of pages
is not completed until the first page is displayed, so I had to build in a
delay so that what happened in practice was that the title page was
displayed briefly then once the timer had run to allow time for the array of
pages to have been built the diversion to the specified page could take
place. This should not be an issue if using pageTemplates type projects
since the array of pages is available before the first page loads.

I can't find the example I posted to the list, but I have an old work in
progress project that still demonstrates how it worked.

The key to how it works is some additional javascript code in rloObject.js
which provides a getUrlParam() function and some code in the .rlo file to
call the javascript. rloObject.js is found in the xerte\publish\html\

I have just tested it in Opera and Firefox and it works OK but it throws an
error in IE 10 so the getUrlParam() needs work to enable it to do something
different in IE in order to capture the parameter.

If you think it might be of help I could email you a copy.

There may be others on the list who have done more recent work on "deep


Kind regards




On 20 November 2013 18:33, KnowledgeWare <knowledgeware at kccsoft.com> wrote:

Just wondering what the future plan is for xerte (Flash) desktop. is there
expected to be any further releases or is all the effort going into XOT?


Also regarding the current desktop version - is there any reason I could not
'deeplink' into it - send the user a URL link that would take them to a
specific page?





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