[Xerte] Re: Starting to develop new page templates

Tom Reijnders reijnders at tor.nl
Mon Nov 11 09:45:12 GMT 2013

Hi Mr. Fleerackers, Gunther,

Please be aware that the Flash based templates are deprecated. All new 
developments are concentrated on the new HTML5/javascript engine.

Furthermore, most of the separate templates such as multiple 
perspectives are moved into the 'main' Nottingham pages template. 
(Numcalcs I am not sure about).

See modules/xerte/parent_templates/Nottingham/models_html5 for examples 
of the javascript model files.

If you have any questions left, please don't hesitate to ask them, but I 
would suggest to ask them on the xerte developers list. See 
http://lists.nottingham.ac.uk/mailman/listinfo/xerte-dev. That's a more 
appropriate mailing list for these kinds of questions.



Gunther Fleerackers schreef op 10-11-2013 10:55:
> Hi all,
> The past week I have been working on my first page template in Xerte,
> following the guideline „Creating Templates" in the help-file. It seems to
> work, but it took long to make something simple.  It was also my first
> experience with action script.  A few questions came up when I was
> creating the page template :
> 1. Is there some information about the logic of the xerte-objects :
> properties, methods, …
> For example in Numcalc.rlt i see that sometimes the property id is
> selected (ex. Progressbar) and in other object the property rs (ex. Judge
> button) is selected to identify the object in action script. Is there
> somewhere a file where the properties and methods are explained for these
> objects?
> 2. When I have made a page template how can I share it with my colleagues
> through Xerte Online Toolkits? So they can use the page without having
> know the program language.
> I have tried to put the .rlt-file into a template directory of XOT and
> then went to the management page in XET to update the templates but
> nothing happens.
> 3. When I put a Text Entry on the page and give the background the color
> white (#FFFFFF of #ffffff) or another color. It shows a black background?
> I’m probably doing something wrong here.
> Some technical information : I’m working on an Macbook Air. XOT is
> installed on the standard apache/php server of Mac OSX. Xerte 2.18 is
> running in een emulation window within Virtual box.
> Best regards,
> Gunther FleerackersBest regards,
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