[Xerte] Starting to develop new page templates

Gunther Fleerackers gunther.fleerackers at khleuven.be
Sun Nov 10 09:55:06 GMT 2013

Hi all,

The past week I have been working on my first page template in Xerte,
following the guideline „Creating Templates" in the help-file. It seems to
work, but it took long to make something simple.  It was also my first
experience with action script.  A few questions came up when I was
creating the page template :

1. Is there some information about the logic of the xerte-objects :
properties, methods, …

For example in Numcalc.rlt i see that sometimes the property id is
selected (ex. Progressbar) and in other object the property rs (ex. Judge
button) is selected to identify the object in action script. Is there
somewhere a file where the properties and methods are explained for these

2. When I have made a page template how can I share it with my colleagues
through Xerte Online Toolkits? So they can use the page without having
know the program language.

I have tried to put the .rlt-file into a template directory of XOT and
then went to the management page in XET to update the templates but
nothing happens.

3. When I put a Text Entry on the page and give the background the color
white (#FFFFFF of #ffffff) or another color. It shows a black background?
I’m probably doing something wrong here.

Some technical information : I’m working on an Macbook Air. XOT is
installed on the standard apache/php server of Mac OSX. Xerte 2.18 is
running in een emulation window within Virtual box.

Best regards,
Gunther FleerackersBest regards,
Mr. Gunther Fleerackers

Leuven University College
Dept. Healthcare and Technology
Herestraat 49
B-3000 Leuven
Tel +32 (0)16 37 52 00
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