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So here come my (inevitable) dumb questions.. What specifically would I use
to build a custom menu? JS? And.how would I 'insert' it to XOT?


I was planning to use the desktop xerte so I become reasonably used to
working with it and inserting what I needed, but since it seems to be
sidelined, I need to be sure I can 'insert' a menu, custom pages, and some
code to read/write to a proprietary dbase in HTML5 XOT. Does that all look
doable? I'm willing to put in the effort unless I'm really swimming against
the current here.




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A custom menu page and some global js to handle the page and state

Something to sense when the page is a section end and on the next "Next
Page", set some state info and then redirect back to page 1/menu. 

The state info can be used to hide /reveal checkmarks or what have you.


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