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Thanks folks for all this info! I will try to digest.




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If I remember correctly XOT assigns a unique identifier to each page

You can use this by using the pagelink feature available in all text boxes.
However I think the assigned identifier changes each time you run the
project. What is constant is the page name this maps to which is what is
displayed in the pagelink control.

The hotspot image connector page could be used to create your image based
menu and the pagelink feature could be used in the last page of the sequence
of pages to return the user to the menu page.

You can change the navigation to use historical navigation so XOT does keep
a stack (LIFO) of pages visited so you might be able to use that in your
quest to flag up when a module is completed, but, assuming the html version
of the hotspot connector page duplicates the behaviour of the Xerte flash
based page, there is nothing currently in there to manipulate the hotspot
images to show when a section has been completed. 

The simplest approach might be some mechanism for changing the image used
for the hotspot to say the same image with a check mark super imposed. But
that would require some programming. e.g. if you could check the LIFO stack
for the last page visited when the Hot Spot Connector page first opened you
could use that information to trigger the change of image where appropriate.

You would need to take a copy of the hotspot connector model and xwd files
and then modify them to achieve what you wanted. 

Not sure if that is any help. Just one view on how the problem might be
approached assuming I have correctly understood your requirements.

Kind regards



On 5 November 2013 00:58, KnowledgeWare <knowledgeware at kccsoft.com> wrote:

Has anyone has built a graphical 'menu' using connector pages? (or some
other method)

Is there any way I could build a custom graphical menu (let's say with 8
modules - 8 hotspot images on the screen) that would jump a user to the
appropriate page, then run through the pages in the part, then at the end of
the 'part' navigate back to the main menu - and if possible turn on a 'done'
checkmark on the menu? Could I build such a menu as a model then insert it
using the 'xerte content' icon? I'm assuming there is a way to assign a
unique ID to each page in XOT...


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