[Xerte] xerte XOT HTML5 - graphical menu, connector pages

KnowledgeWare knowledgeware at kccsoft.com
Tue Nov 5 00:58:54 GMT 2013

Has anyone has built a graphical 'menu' using connector pages? (or some
other method)

Is there any way I could build a custom graphical menu (let's say with 8
modules - 8 hotspot images on the screen) that would jump a user to the
appropriate page, then run through the pages in the part, then at the end of
the 'part' navigate back to the main menu - and if possible turn on a 'done'
checkmark on the menu? Could I build such a menu as a model then insert it
using the 'xerte content' icon? I'm assuming there is a way to assign a
unique ID to each page in XOT...


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