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Tom Reijnders reijnders at tor.nl
Thu May 23 12:21:23 BST 2013


The fact that we loose '\'when reentering the editor is a known issue. 
I'll give it another go to try and fix this.

In the mean time, the math capabilities  of Xerte Online Toolkits 2.0 
have been enhanced with MathJax. So if you have XOT 2,0 at your disposal 
you can do the same with:


This is the so-called AsciiMath syntax. Latex should work as well, but 
then you would have to cope with '\' again, so no point in doing that now.



Op 23-5-2013 12:34, Emily Lumley schreef:
> Hi,
> I've learnt how to use the LaTex maths script to write equations in a 
> learning objective, however, every time I close it and come back to it 
> the \ disappear and it no longer looks like a proper equation again. 
> Also I have had to put in two back slashes to ensure that the equation 
> works in the first place.
> Am I missing something else, or is there a way I can stop the \ from 
> disappearing. I add the script that I used below:
> <tex src="Re=\\[\\frac{\\rho.\\nu.d}{\\eta}">
> Many thanks in advance
> Emily
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