[Xerte] Stopping flash video, Loaded[Type Function]

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Tue May 21 01:45:28 BST 2013

Using Desktop xerte 2.17 - I have an external swf file that contains
next/previous buttons and navigation code. After adding youtube video from
the page templates the youtubes continue to play after I click the next
button, I'm trying to find the proper command to stop or unload them. I've
tried all this in the external swf file to try to silence the movie:


NextButton.onRelease = function() 


                //RGM 20130519 Stop video on next









None of these work.('ic' is the Id of the video icon). What command should I
be using here? Is there a way to 'unload' the movie rather than just
stopping the sound?


Also getting a debug window with 'Loaded[Type Function]' showing on each
youtube. I have added the embed code via the template, however I also edited
the page text in the xml file later. What is the 'Loaded' message saying?




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