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Vicky Greaves Vicky.Greaves at scope.org.uk
Mon May 20 11:20:38 BST 2013

Please can anybody offer more suggestions for our Networks guy, having problems getting authentication working on a new Xerte2 installation. He has already tried Ron's suggestions.
Please see mail below

Many thanks
Vicky Greaves

From: Lee Procter
Sent: 17 May 2013 15:58
To: Vicky Greaves
Subject: Xerte2

Hi Vicky,

I have spent the best part of today trying to get an authentication method for the new Xerte install working but no joy.
I have revisited the LDAP and been trying to use the manual users but come up with errrors no matter how much tweaking and tinkering with settings I do.

So, here is another question for the Xerte guys:

I am trying to use DB as the authentication method which requires the users to be added manually via the management interface.
I get the following error when entering the new users details:
Error when adding to the Db, do you have write permissions for MySQL?


Lee Procter
Network Technician
Beaumont College

From: xerte-dev-bounces at lists.nottingham.ac.uk [mailto:xerte-dev-bounces at lists.nottingham.ac.uk] On Behalf Of Ron Mitchell
Sent: 14 May 2013 19:56
To: 'For Xerte technical developers'
Subject: [Xerte-dev] enquiry about LDAP error and mailing list email change from Vicky Greaves...

Forwarded on behalf of Vicky Greaves along with my direct responses. Read from 1st message up.

From: Ron Mitchell [mailto:ronm at mitchellmedia.co.uk]
Sent: 13 May 2013 19:22
To: 'Vicky Greaves'
Subject: RE: Ron - I was on your 1st May Xerte 2.0 course...

Hi Vicky
I'll forward your request for email change to someone at Nottingham. I think they normally expect users to do this themselves but I can see why that wouldn't work for you at the moment.

In the meantime I would respond as follows:

1. Does your colleague have direct access to the database and if so I would suggest checking the LDAP table directly to see if the values are being saved/stored.

2. Does the install work ok apart from this e.g. if you switch to guest or static authentication?

3. Near the top of config.php set development to true e.g. $development = true; Does that show any more useful error messages?

4. Is this a local install or an install meant for organisation wide use? XAMPP really isn't the right solution for a production server - ideally Apache, PHP and MySQL should be installed separately.

Sorry I can't offer to provide further direct support on this even though it might be me who responds on the mailing list anyway. I'll post your original question to the list but you mention xerte-dev and xerteforteachers neither of which are the correct location for this - are you also a member of http://lists.nottingham.ac.uk/mailman/listinfo/xerte because that's where the question should be posted?


From: Vicky Greaves
Sent: 09 May 2013 11:59
To: xerte-dev at lists.nottingham.ac.uk<mailto:xerte-dev at lists.nottingham.ac.uk>
Subject: Xerte 2.0 installation problem

Please can you offer any suggestions re. the issue my networks colleague is having with LDAP in our new installation...

I am experiencing the following error message whilst trying to use the LDAP function in XOT. The error message is:
"LDAP servers not configured in DB"

The Xampp install has had the LDAP feature enabled and the correct values have been entered into the Site Administration location.
Any ideas?

We are running the latest version of both Xampp and XOT

Thanks very much
Vicky Greaves

e-Learning Technologist


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