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It functions fine, just someone has left a server running with guest access, allowing anyone to access the site, upload media, etc. This is hardly a software / documentation problem. If I left the keys in my car with the doors open, and someone nicked it, I wouldn't blame the manual.

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 I have seen several sites with unfinished installs of XOT.

Does this mean that the documentation towards installing XOT is not covering all the possible problems that you can run into?

Also, when partial installs of XOT are completely open, even if the 'admin' is responsible, is IMO not a good sign for XOT. It might give the impression XOT is not safe and opens up a webserver.

This might be because the installation manual advises to chmod 0777 the root of the xerte vhost.

I would prefer to change the manual and IF it needs to be chmodded, to not (read NEVER!) do that by giving full access to the rest of the world.


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Not sure how helpful this is:


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Does anyone on this list look after this site?

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