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Sorry the lousy custom search won't find post in the archives.
Here's the text though:
When he uses < the first time he gets an angle bracket but if he goes back to edit the text on a later occasion, angle brackets that worked as angle brackets suddenly become < text again. We’re going to try to replicate it on a couple of pages to show you a before and after. At the moment the workaround is get a page right before leaving it and then don’t edit it again!
Try that.
Alternatively, maybe edit the model a bit so that onLoad it reads in and rewrites the text appropriately . 


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Date: Sun, 5 May 2013 03:16:55 +1200
Subject: [Xerte] Cannot display symbol on pages project

I used Annotated Diagram from Interactivity Folder from Pages. I have problem in displaying symbols especially '<' and '∈'. It's thinking that it's a HTML tag. I tried several ways like <pre></pre>, /, \, """, '', to ignore the code, I tried HTML number, HTML name to represent those symbols (e.g < and < for '<') - none worked.
Please help,

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